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How To Become Part Of Our Team Part Time.

Make Good Money Through Golf.


Thank you for your interest in this.  

We are searching for around 300 golf lovers to join one or maybe more of our 25 fast growing golf businesses on a part time basis.

About 250 people in Australia and 50 in NZ

All with a little spare time. Expectation is 2-5 hours per week for first month but that is up to you.

You will get an affiliate link. You will get 25% of $70 for first 1000 people who join. After that they get 35% of $130 of next 5000 who join. 

If you introduce people who become part of our team you will also get rewarded well.

When people renew next year you get paid again. 

After the month you will understand our businesses and get to choose which part of the business you want to be involved in.

On the basis of who has introduced the most people.

We will listen to your ideas for the 25 or so different businesses

If after a month you are not excited you will get your money back and we will walk away as friends.

After a month we will be running events and have an incredible website.

Will be selling stuff like crazy!


The 25 Main Areas of the TeeTimeDreaming.Golf Website

  1. Tee Time Dreamers Profiles 

Where Golfers Go to Promote

Promote Yourself Or Your Business If You Wish 

We will have different membership levels

No friending, messaging or group discussion we can do that on Facebook. Members can make a profile if they wish. 

  1. Golf Dating

Find A Golfing Friend

People who want to meet to play golf. Will be like clubhouse

Will probably develop an app for this but can be begun by the social network linking to a FB group of people who have chosen to opt in


  1. The Wine and Golf Club. 

Buy Cheap Wine

Great Wine at Great Prices for Tee Time Dreamers

Wine Buyers Club. As a large community we can get good discounts and golfers love wine. We will have education about wine and tasting events

  1. Our Events

Events Near You

Weekly Golf Events in Australia and New Zealand or and all Australian states and both islands of Newzealand

We will link with Golf Link in Australia and Dot Golf in Australia. 

We will run regular events all over Australia and New Zealand at various golf clubs.

We will also run eclectics 

  1. Today’s Top Ten Golf Stories

Daily News

Find them all on our page or in your inbox for free 

Never spend time looking through the web for the day’s top golf stories.

via our page

  1. Every Golf Course. Info and Discounts

Discounts on Rounds

Course Directory and Discounts

Visitors to our site will be encouraged to make a page for their club.

We will then call the club and ask to sell rounds at a discount

We will pay our users a little for making the page. We will then give them a cut of any sales of rounds we make. Forever. We will run customer service to help users get most out of Golo

  1. The Golf Market 


A shop and marketplace for golfers

We will verify sellers people will also be able to trade. We can give them a log in and they can load their own info onto Woo Commerce. We will have customer support and explanation videos. We will also source cheap new or second hand equipment ourselves and sell it

  1. Stay and Play 

Stay By A Course

Find or rent out a house or a room by a golf course. or


Users will be able to post ads for either houses or rooms in houses on or near golf courses. Like Air BNB but golf specific

Explanation page is here

  1. The Golf School

Learn Golf

Play better and play longer

Written and video content about playing better and enjoying golf more. Also health 

  1. Golfing Coin

The new currency for the golf industry


This is trading on the WAVES exchange at just over 1 cent per coin. It will be used for payments between our members and then be used by many in the golfing industry

This area will have an FAQ about the coin, a sales page and more

  1. The Golfing Blog

Articles and insights

Can be sourced from our members

  1. The Golfing Podcast 

Weekly interviews and thoughts from the world of golf

  1. Golf Course Real Estate

Buy By A Course

Have you ever dreamed of living by a course?

Frontage and Walking Distance from courses

Example sales page

Never Load Your Clubs in The Trunk Again.

Houses and land for sale near golf courses

  1. Calendars of All Golfing Events

Find An Event

Full list of golf tournaments throughout Australia and New Zealand

For each part of each state of Australia and for all NZ Golfing Districts

  1. Sustainability. 

Ideas and information about to make golf courses more environmentally friendly

Competitions, Reviews initiative 

  1. Consultancy to Golf Clubs

Can we help make your golf club even better?

  1. Fantasy Leagues for Pro Tours
  2. Video Games
  3. Loyalty Card
  4. Golf Related Jobs Board
  5. Tee Time Dreaming Product Reviews

Product Reviews

What is good in golf. Equipment, gadgets and more

  1. Coworking spaces for golfers
  2. Sponsors.

On the website and at events

  1. Competitions

For example we will run quarterly and annual eclectics and interclub matches

  1. Photo Gallery

Members can upload photos we can run daily competitions for best golf related photos get lots of content to share

  1. Tee Time Dreamwear

Clothing and shoes for the golfer

Also looking for customer support staff, graphic designers. marketers, golf coaches and more

Please apply by email to or just chat with us on messenger on the right

Please say why you are interested and send a link to your Facebook, Instagram and Linked In profiles

We are excited to hear from you

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Happy recovering New Zealand lawyer. Love golf, wine & connecting. I answer DMs. Send me requests on Facebook, IG and Linked In. Look forward to golfing with you one day

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