An eclectic is a combined total of your best scores on each hole over a period of time. Usually a calendar year. You usually get half your handicap but there schools of thought that say that the longer the competition the less handicap you should get. The golfer’s lowest playing handicap during the period of the competition should apply.

So you get a gradually decreasing nett total.  Eclectics give you something to keep playing for if you have made a bad start to a round. They are also a great way to remember great performances on different holes throughout the year. 

Tee Time Dreaming will work together with participating golfers and clubs to run both annual and quarterly eclectics. Spring, summer, autumn and winter. Good prizes and even competitions where champions in different grades from participating clubs will play off against each other. 

The idea between the season eclectics are to give golfers who play mainly in a particular season a fair chance of competing.

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