This is a vision or road map for the next month or so and how momentum will be built. 

I am also developing this page every day. It will soon show mind maps and road maps and user experience stories for 25 golf related businesses.

When I started and grew the 7 Pillars Book, Tools Chat, Web Tools Wiki and Crowdify and then launched Superior Coin and Life Trees I learned big lessons.

I have also been involved in Hootsuite, Pinterest, Canva, Empire Kred and especially Buffer. I never had any ownership stake but I was an early beta tester and had input and saw these places grow and succeed.

Crowdify was everything on the internet almost. A much bigger vision and plan than Facebook or Linked In. We had 12 milion profiles and at least 10 successful businesses operating in the site. Recruitment, freelancing, photo sharing, a money exchange, directories, crowdfunding, co working spaces, offline meetups and much more. When you have done something like this before you can easily do it again.

Here is one of the original mind maps from about 7 years ago

We were having so much success that in just the space of a few minutes about 15 Bitcoin came in in coin purchases. $750,000 worth at today’s rates. This was literally my daily email inbox for several weeks. We took over 500 Bitcoin without even marketing. Was all word of mouth. Just on the basis of my plans and ideas.

Firstly there is no need to be perfect. Next there can be and indeed has to be Daily Momentum. 

Momentum comes from being public and transparent, being transparent and continually improving.

The second biggest thing by far is that you have to be useful.

The biggest thing is customer and client support.

100 million golfers in the world. I see no reason why we cannot give nearly all of them a reason to join.

In Tee Time Dreaming (TTD) the long term vision is to dominate the golf industry worldwide.Especially course side real estate.

2 things are crucial here.

The level of customer support in the golf industry as a whole is shocking

Nearly everybody in golf is thinking very small and can make a living by doing that. They run tours, sell clubs, give lessons, sell clothes or distance finding gadgets.The problem for them though is that golfers are very expensive to market to. Sponsoring golf or running say Facebook ads to golfers is as expensive as it gets.Only the big guns can do it. So these mom and pop operations stay small.To dominate you have to be everything.Go big or go home.

Sales are a key to any business. We need to build 3 great landing pages.

  1. To get members who will pay an annual fee
  2. To get people to our events
  3. To find people who will become part of our tea and help run and build all the different businesses. 300 initially around 1000 by the end of the year

Right now I have made a start on these pages but they have to be made much better.

Elementor Pro can be used to build them

The site will be a showcase place. For content, sales, information and news. People can comment on posts and share them on social media but otherwise there will be little interaction. It needs to be kept fast, responsive and beautiful

We will have about a dozen subdomains which will all use different themes. 

The subdomains which have user interaction will become apps through


The Possibility of Apps And WordPress

Our Apps

Golf BNB

Tours and Travel

Directory of Courses With Discounts



Photos of Travel, Golf Courses, Nature


Golf Dating App

Some reviews.

I am thinking Boss or Seeko. Which one is best for mobile?

Or use this even though not WordPress?

Golf CoWorking App

Target is travelling golfers or those living in big cities who want to get out for the day. Many courses have large and beautiful function rooms. Already have tables, chairs, sofas and wifi. Have restaurant or cafe already at golf club.

Loyalty Points App

For the whole golfing industry starting with our site

Golf School

We will use Mighty Networks for this

Mighty Networks is like a Facebook for teaching people.

We do not need to have an app for everything but I hope to have at least 8 running and in App Store by mid March one month from here.


A huge chance exists to become the number 1 go to golf events calendar in the world

Right now it is hard to find when events are on

This is awesome