Hi we are building the ultimate place for golfers on and offline. We are offering you an early chance to be a part of it. If you are small golfing business this is a real chance for you. We will promote you in many places and give you the chance for many collaborations.

Our vision is that eventually every golfer in will see the value of joining. Firstly in Australia and New Zealand then the UK and Canada and the USA. Our website is brand new and will improve and develop every day. We will begin running scoring competitions in May and then having actual golfing events in July 2021. There will be many ways to benefit before then though.

Features will include;

Ability to find golfing partners in many different places

Extensive calendars of Golfing Events for different areas

A wide variety of competitions for members with great prizes

Includes regular competitions we will run online using your scores at your club

A second hand golf equipment marketplace

Discounts on green fees, golf equipment, accommodation, travel, wine, beer and more

Course directory and reviews

Accommodation marketplace for golfers along the lines of Air BNB

Golf Coaching and tips

Golf news both localized and international

Product reviews

Fantasy Golf

If at any time you feel you have not had value for your membership fee we will refund you in full immediately.

The price for 18 months membership for the first 300 members and first 30 small golf businesses is $90 USD.

18 months payment. Money back guarantee. $90USD=$120AUD

When you join you will be allocated a number. A benefit of joining early is that you will get priority entry into any of our events. If for example an event gets half full then earlier joiners will have the best chance of entry.

Earliest joiners will also be sent codes to invite friends at a discount.

This website is only temporary we have already started building a final one. Other goals for 2021 are to have 50 staff and to be running daily events by the end of the year.

The founder of Birdie Chances is Michael Todd. He is a former New Zealand lawyer who has been working on the internet for over 20 years. He has previously created a social network that had 12 million profiles and 64 staff.

Michael is a keen golfer who has been playing for 55 years. He has been a member of at least 12 different golf clubs in 5 different countries so brings a lot of experiences of how things can be best done.

Here are some references for Michael

Terry Rota

Terry Rota Head of Advisory – My Future Limited

Michael continues to amaze me with his ability to engage people both online and offline. I have watched Michael build many networks over the last 18 months I’ve known him and I applaud his ability to bring people together to achieve what to many may seem the impossible.

Lilach Bullock I Write SEO Traffic-Friendly Content For B2B Tech Companies | Digital & Tech Influencer | Acclaimed Speaker & Author

Michael is an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to social media. He is a rare doer and practices what he preaches. On top of that he is one of the nicest guys in the social media world and I’m honored to be connected with him

The price for 18 months membership for the first 300 members and first 30 small golf businesses is $90 USD.
18 months payment. Money back guarantee. $90USD=$120AUD

We are developing an FAQ from your questions