Hi I am super excited. In the past year I have been part of a team busy creating and building 25 different golf businesses. Some of these businesses have never been tried before. Some are traditional but are based on outdated models. 

We are also about travel, health and fitness and mindset. What we see as our biggest opportunity is operating a new level of customer service leading to a new level of customer experience.


Our loyalty app will soon be used by thousands then millions of golfers who will all need to purchase and hold some our coin. This will create fast increasing demand. The coin will be released slowly over the next 20 years thus ensuring a limited supply and a consistent price rise.

We are offering a limited number of coins for sale in the next few days as we need to meet our development costs. We will then issue more for sale at nearly double the price in early March.

Here is a one minute snapshot of our many golf businesses. We are serious and building a huge company in a 300 billion dollar industry and that is just golf. Travel and health and fitness are also massive industries themselves.

We now have a team of 16 people working all around the world and have made several apps and websites. 

We are now looking for “micro” investment of between $50 and $1000. You will get dividend payments of 5% every 3 months. So 20% per year. After the first 3 months if you wish to sell there is a money back guarantee. Our shares/ coins are being traded daily on an exchange where you can see your investment rising in price daily. It is at http://tradegolfingcoin.com you can see our price is around 1.1 cents. These coins will be withdrawn from sale and replaced with 2 cent coins shortly.

Our weekly costs are around $4000 right now so we are seeking $100,000 to hire more staff in the next 3 months, Once we reach that $100,000 goal we will double the price at which we are offering shares. As our coin is used more and more in the golfing industry demand for it will rise and so will the price. We already have over 50 ways in which golfers and others can use our coin.

Golf is a 300 billion dollar business worldwide. There are over 100 million golfers and over 100,000 golf courses. In general it suffers from poor customer service and a lack of innovative online marketing.There has been very little progression in the past 10 years so a huge opportunity to take some of the market share. 

We hope to see the value of our coins/shares rise from between 3-5 times over the next year as we quickly expand our 25 businesses.

You can read more about what we are building and see it in action at https://birdiechances.golf 

Thank you.

If you wish to invest in us just buy at the exchange or let me know and our customer support team will arrange for delivery of your shares/ coins to a secure online wallet.

Please ask any questions below or on here