Our mission at Birdie Chances is to give golfers more for their time and money. To have you always saying “Wow that was a great day or a great week or weekend of golf”.

For us golf is about a fun day spent in a beautiful place with great company. We hope to make that happen for you more often.

Birdie Chances is the result of 50 years of playing in golf competitions and events on courses all over Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the world. Of belonging to several golf clubs and buying in selling golf real estate. Property on and near golf courses is still undervalued in Australia and New Zealand. There is also a huge opportunity to develop better user experiences for golfers both online and offline. We have also been on many golf tours and seen what works best.

Birdie Chances is a combination of over 30 separate golf businesses. Some traditional and some new and fresh. There are over 100,000 golf courses and over 100 million golfers. The possibilities are endless. The sport of golf is booming and there has never been a better time to get more involved.

We hope to see you hosting or staying in houses near golf courses, playing in our events and joining our competitions both online and offline. We will make the process of finding a course and a discount easier. Plus finding a recommended restaurant or vineyard nearby. Starting in Australia and New Zealand and spreading to the UK in 2021.

We will give tips and information about golf travel and run tours. We will have a loyalty app, golf dating, golf co-working and other concepts that have not been tried yet.

More for your time and money as a golfer and also a chance to get involved in the golf industry yourself as part of our team.

The possibility of discounts for golf travel and accommodation and wine for example has been explored club by club but what about a large online community? Would it be nice to easily connect to a golfer who could show you their course and nearby area? How much time and money could you save?

Finding a house to stay at or even buy near a golf course might be easier than you think. Fun competitions and events might be going on a course near you and you have no way of easily finding them.

We are just beginning and would love to hear your ideas of how Birdie Chances can be developed to benefit you.