Welcome to clubconsultants.golf thank you for taking a few minutes to read this.

After being a member of many different golf clubs in many countries and being a student of the golf industry for some time I have gathered together a team of experts that I can help you.

I have identified around 150 key points and ways in which you may be able to make more money from your golf club operations.

After selling my law practice 15 years ago I was the first teacher of social media in Australia and wrote a highly successful book about branding your business online. I sold 17,000 copies. I then created a social media and ecommerce site that had 12 million profiles.

My goal is to work with a maximum of 20 different golf clubs around Australia in the next 12 months to help them make more money. I will not be doing this consultancy alone I will be assisted by other customer service, sales and social media experts and support staff.

The clubs who get involved will get the following benefits…

  • Regular calls to ask questions and get advice
  • Money back guarantee at any time
  • Regular tips and prompts
  • Assistance with setting growth targets
  • Promotion on several websites and social media
  • Option for inclusion as a venue for a qualifying round for The Great Aussie Pairs Championship
  • Assistance with staff training in customer service, social media and sales
  • Option for access for 2 representatives to an exclusive secret online meeting place where you can network and ask questions. Some of you will like this some will prefer privacy. That is fine either way
  • Facebook ad training
  • General sales and marketing training
  • More

The price for a year is $1750 AUD for the first 5 participating golf clubs. You have zero to lose as you can request a money back guarantee at any time. I only want to work with people who are happy and satisfied. My goal is to refine and improve this service to the point where my team and I can justify charging $5000 AUD a year for this consultancy service.

This will all lead quickly to better retention of present members, recruitment of new embers, more green fee rounds and more sales in general. From things like creating and marketing a golf gym and an online shop to simply improving your relationships with your local community or interacting better with your members on Instagram we will work with you daily to improve your bottom line.

If you wish to pay $750 now and then another $1000 in 2 month’s time then that is fine. Or even $750 and then $100 a month for 10 months. Please send an email to michaelqtodd@gmail.com once you have paid. I will then send you a receipt and we can begin working.

Please pay $750 or $1750 AUD including tax please to

Michael Todd

ANZ Bank 014701 230829455

ABN 94958637500 Golfing and More.

Thank you please message us if you have any questions